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March 17, 2020

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11 Ways You Can Support Your Village During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many clients have canceled pet care visits due to work from home orders, school closures and other issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this, It Takes a Village Pet Care, as well as many other businesses in the 14 communities we serve, have also seen a decline in business.

Support Small Businesses

There are many ways you can help support small businesses in your community:

  • shop online if they offer that option
  • purchase a gift certificate to be used at a later date
  • choose to not accept a refund for canceled services
  • leave a 5-star review for their business on Google or Facebook
  • order carryout or delivery from your favorite restaurant
  • purchase local produce
  • offer a donation to your favorite business
  • send a note or email of encouragement
Support Your Village

At It Takes a Village Pet Care, even though we have seen a dramatic decrease in business, we continue to service several clients who were able to keep their regular dog walking schedules. This, of course, is not possible for all clients since many are not receiving pay while at home with kids out of school.

Whether you are able to support us by maintaining your dog walking routine or not, here are some additional ways you can offer support of your dog walking team and our company.

  1. Offer Words of Appreciation: Even though your pet sitting team may not be visiting your pets at the moment, they would love to hear from you. Reach out to let them know you appreciate them and ask how they are doing. We are all in this together and a kind word goes a very long way.
  2. Leave a 5-Star Review: We always love receiving feedback from our clients in the form of a review on Google or Facebook. It helps us know we are doing a good job for you and tells potential clients they should work with our company.
  3. Like us on Facebook: If you have not connected with us on Facebook, please LIKE our page. You can also like our posts, share a post, tag a friend, or offer a supportive comment.
  4. Post a Shout Out in a Community Group: If you are a member of a community group on Facebook and love our service, please tell others. Most community groups allow satisfied customers to give a shout out about a business.
  5. Purchase a Gift Certificate: Did you know we sell gift certificates in our online store? Purchase now and use for gifts or redeem for your own pet care needs in the future.
  6. Try a New Service: Recently, we announced the launch of our Concierge Services as well as our Door to Door Dog Walking Service. If you are at home with the kids and cannot get away or would rather not go out in public due to the risk of exposure to the virus, let our team help with your errands. We have put protocols in place to help our team members, who have expressed an interest in offering this service, stay safe. If you are trying to avoid all contact with people, but still want your dog walked, our Door to Door Dog Walking Service ensures your safety by not coming in contact with a member of our team.
  7. Stock up on Flea & Tick Spray: Tick season is here and you want to ensure your dog is protected. We sell an all-natural flea & spray that is available in our online store. Purchase now before the weather gets warmer and our supplies run low.
  8. Ask for a Credit vs. Refund: If you are able, request a credit be placed on your account for canceled services vs. having your money refunded. This allows us to balance our receivables with our payables as clients use their credits at a later date for services.
  9. Take Advantage of Specials: Now through the end of April, we are offering 25% off of our Concierge Services (regularly $40/hour now $30/hour) and our Puppy & Doggy Adventures.
  10. Share our Services: Do you have a neighborhood community group or friends, family, and co-workers who could benefit from our Concierge Services? Please share this blog post with all the details. Our rate is normally $40/hour, now $30/hour through the end of April.
  11. Tip Your Pet Care Team: Many clients have offered to pay for canceled services, which is extremely generous. However, our staff also wants to feel useful. If there is not a service we can offer at this time, please consider leaving a tip on your last invoice. This gets distributed 100% directly to your pet care team.
Thank You to Our Clients

Our clients have shown us that they share the same values we do. They continually strive to give the very best care to their pets while being mindful of how their actions affect not only their pets but the natural environment around them. This includes limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their homes, staying up-to-date on pet care trends, practicing pet safety, recycling per their town’s guidelines, learning how to compost, searching for renewable energy sources to power their homes and dedicating themselves to lifelong learning of similar practices.

Our team is beyond grateful for the relationships we have established with our clients. We have earned their trust and we will never take that for granted. Open and honest feedback is appreciated, and we will always offer the same. Clients go above and beyond for us in so many ways. Thank you for being the amazing people that you are. We look forward to many more years of sharing laughter and tears with you!

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