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January 27, 2020

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Barrington’s Best – 5 Up and Coming Businesses in the New Year

2020 is a banner year, and even more so in Barrington where we are booming and growing as we mix history with the community. We at Barrington Town News believe that recognizing those businesses in the community that are growing and providing places of employment and enjoyment, is important. With the rise in social entrepreneurship, giving back and the focus on building local community, we took a look around our town and these were some of the businesses we saw were giving back.

For Connecting People and Pets – It Takes a Village Pet Care

Not only are Traci Bisson and her team running a quality pet care organization, licensed and accredited – they give back to the community and non-profit organizations through their Dog Walking Club. This year they have dedicated proceeds from events to – ElderPet in Durham, Mary’s Dogs of Northwood and Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester. It Takes a Village Pet Care has been running since 2016, and growing and thriving as well as giving back.

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