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Sustainable Pet Care Expert

Traci Bisson is a sustainable pet care expert and the owner/founder of It Takes a Village Pet Care, the NH Dog Walking Club, and My Petcare Community.

Traci is a certified permaculturist who later went on to study social permaculture and taught an online class for the University of NH entitled Social Permaculture: The Art of Building Community & Relationships.

As the owner of a professional pet care company with a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Management from UNH, Traci continued her studies in social permaculture and shifted her focus to teaching sustainable pet care practices to pet owners.

In 2020, Traci was named a Northeast Credit Union (NECU) Planet Protector, along with two other women, for her contributions to sustainability.

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Media Experience

Local Media

Traci, and the great work the team at It Takes a Village Pet Care does, has been featured in several local publications, including Barringtown Town News, Fosters, and the Portsmouth Herald.

National Media

Traci was featured in the January/February 2020 issue of Pet Sitter's World for her focus on sustainability and community. She has also been featured in several publications for her accomplishments as a mom entrepreneur.

Other Media

Prior to starting It Takes a Village Pet Care, Traci owned a marketing and PR firm, and online membership site for mom entrepreneurs. There are dozens of feature stories that have been written about her over the past several decades as well as broadcast and social media interviews.

Media Highlights

Pet Sitter Success Story

Traci Bisson, owner of It Takes a Village Pet Care - Focus on sustainability and community fuels pet-sitting business's growth. Operating a successful business involves more than just providing pet-care visits—there’s a mission behind the company’s efforts.

Pet Care Pros Pivot

Traci Bisson, owner of It Takes A Village Pet Care in Barrington and founder of the New Hampshire Pet Industry Professionals, decided to close her business when Sununu declared the state of emergency and set the original 21-day shutdown. She had to lay off all 13 employees.

NH Dog Walking Club

The NH Dog Walking Club, a community outreach effort of It Takes a Village Pet Care, located in Barrington, has partnered with several pet professionals to raise funds for NH pet industry nonprofit organizations - ElderPet, Mary’s Dogs and Live and Let Live Farm.

Barrington's Best

5 up and coming businesses: For connecting people and pets - It Takes a Village Pet Care gives back to the community and non-profit organizations through their Dog Walking Club. This year they have dedicated proceeds from events to – ElderPet, Mary’s Dogs, and Live and Let Live Farm.

Dover Dog Howloween

DDH, a community celebration and costume parade for dogs and their people recently donated to PMHS. The event is a co-production of Sit.Stay.Smile. Pet Photography and It Takes a Village Pet Care - two organizations that have a history of community service and giving back.

Sustainable Dog Walking

The business – It Takes A Village Pet Care – is rooted in a principle called social permaculture. Bisson explains it this way: “Social permaculture has ethics and principles that you can follow. The ethics basically are: Care of people, care of the Earth, and fair share of giving back."

Walkin' the Dog

It Takes A Village Pet Care has recently started hosting a monthly dog walking group, billing it as a fun way to socialize with people who have the same love for their dogs, and as an opportunity to expose your dog to other dogs all while getting exercise and exploring the outdoors.

Traveling Family Enjoys Journey

After nearly 6 months traveling across the country, a Barrington family “road-schooling” their kids has just hit the peak of their journey. Traci, and Ray Bisson left their home Aug. 27 in their 39-foot RV. They aimed to see 35 states in 8 months, focusing on all of the border states.

Moms as Entrepreneurs

The number of moms launching businesses — from website-based companies to consulting firms — is growing, said Traci Bisson, founder of The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group, a national online community. She attributes the rise in mom entrepreneurs in part to the recession.

Mom, Inc.

From designing better baby shoes all the way to producing erotic videos, mompreneurs have been shaking up the world of business even while working carpool to carpool. Traci Bisson is quoted in this book, which is about how to raise your business and your family.

Mom Biz Owners

The Mom Entrepreneur was started by Traci Bisson. Her company offers tips, advice and resources for women struggling to balance being a mother and running a company. Her site offers a blog, an online support group and a mom entrepreneur co-op with discount products.

Grow Your Business With Kids

Traci Bisson, founder of The Mom Entrepreneur, says when her children were younger, she had more one-on-one time to spend with them. "As any mom entrepreneur will tell you, it is a fine balance to make sure you are giving your kids everything they need. Family first," Bisson says.



Published Articles Highlights

Listening to Your Muse

This was a commissioned article written by Traci Bisson for County Business Magazine about artist and designer Sheree Burlington who gets a lesson in thinking big after experiencing business-owning highs and lows.

A Mix of Old and New

This was a commissioned article written by Traci Bisson for County Business Magazine about the owners of a primitive country gift shop who know the secret to success is rewarding customers for continued patronage.

For the Birds

This was a commissioned article written by Traci Bisson for County Business Magazine about a New England husband and wife team who employ their love of birds and gardening as inspiration for handcrafting unique products.

A Mix of Old and New

This was a commissioned article written by Traci Bisson for County Business Magazine about Calef's Country Store in Barrington, NH. Cleve and Lindy Horton are the first nonfamily owners; they purchased the business in 1996.

Notable Achievements


Traci is a graduate and member of the 2017 Leadership New Hampshire class.


Traci earned her permaculture design certificate in 2016 from Rooted by Stacy.


Traci became a Master Gardener in 2016 through UNH Cooperative Extension.


Traci became a NH Coverts Cooperator in 2016 through UNH Cooperative Extension.

Karen & Jon B.
Barrington, NH
We moved to Barrington last summer, which greatly increased our commutes to work & back, so we started searching for a pet sitter. We have two older dogs and a very energetic puppy, and It Takes a Village is exceptional with each of them. They bring them outside, play with them, give them treats and then go the extra mile and clean up any accidents the puppy may have had. I love getting daily reports and pics. There is NO WAY anybody could find a better pet care giver than It Takes a Village Pet Care.
Testimonial image
Christine & Ross F.
Dover, NH
It Takes a Village Pet Care was referred to us by a friend who highly recommended their services. We hired them to care for our two dogs while on vacation. They took them on daily walks and played ball with them in the backyard. Our pups were given lots of attention and exercise. While I was away, my husband said that they even expressed concern that one of our dogs may not be feeling well and offered to take a fecal sample to our vet. We are so glad to have found It Takes a Village!
Testimonial image
Lynn S.
Barrington, NH
It Takes a Village Pet Care's level of training and availability for different services will fit any needs a pet owner could need. The system for communication through the portal is so refreshing with updates and photos of my dog so happy playing outside. I appreciate the full update of what they did, when they were there, and even if he got a snack/water. My boy Sirus is so happy with his playmates that he even looks for them on days when I am home. It Takes a Village is the best in pet care for anyone’s extended animal family.
Testimonial image
Paige & Derek S.
Nottingham, NH
I highly recommend It Takes a Village Pet Care! We have used their services several times during vacation and quick trips this year. The online portal for communications, scheduling, and payments is very convenient and allows for peace of mind as they provide frequent updates. My senior dog, a rescue and normally shy, warmed to them after only a few visits and we are happy that he can stay in the comfort of his own home while we are away. We are so pleased with the level of care that Traci and her team provides.
Testimonial image
Anne T.
Lee, NH
In an effort to learn how I can live a sustainable lifestyle, I met with Traci at her home to see her composting set up. She showed me her process for reducing and reusing food waste and explained what should and shouldn't be composted. We discussed the proper set up of an outdoor composting system and walked through the steps on how to start at my home. She gave me informative handouts and made the process simple so I could easily begin composting immediately.
Testimonial image


Traci Bisson can speak on many topics, including:

  • Sustainable pet care
  • Balancing growing a business and a family as an entrepreneur
  • How to pivot during a recession and a pandemic
  • How to start and grow an online community
  • Bringing a community of dog lovers together to create awareness and raise funds for charities
  • Motivating employees who work remotely


Traci has experienced many things in her 20 years as a mom entrepreneur. She shares some of her most memorable stories here:

  • My youngest son, who was a newborn at the time, peed in my hair during a diaper change. This was prior to an important business meeting and I did not have time to take another shower.
  • When I had staff working out of my house, I had to manage their activities as well as my kids when school was closed. One day when my lead publicist was pitching the business editor at the LA Times, my older son insisted on showing her a picture he had drawn.
  • One week, while trying to balance work and potty training my son, I had to go to the post office to pick up the mail as usual. While there, my son peed on the post office floor.
  • During the first quarter of 2008, my marketing and PR firm, Bisson Barcelona, was experiencing some financial difficulties. Four clients owed me in excess of $12,000. Determined to not lay off staff, I cut my expenses by taking my son out of daycare and moved to my home office. Unable to network in person, I turned to social outlets. The Mom Entrepreneur, an online community, was established within the next 30 days.

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