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January 16, 2019

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Meet Karen, our Safety Manager

This is the first blog post in a series that will introduce you to our amazing team of pet care providers.

Karen Reilly-Brickett has been with our village since July 2017. She, and her husband Jon, became customers shortly after moving to Barrington. They learned about It Takes a Village Pet Care on Thumbtack.

After Karen retired in 2018, Traci Bisson, owner and founder, was quick to scoop Karen up and invited her to join the team as Safety Manager based on her vast experience in emergency medicine.

Karen was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and kept that certification current for 30 years. For 25 years, Karen worked for the 911 ambulance service in the City of Newburyport, MA, first out in the field and then in the dispatch center where she became certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Karen finished her career there after seven years as the Manager of the busy 911 Dispatch Center and accepted the position of Administrative Assistant to the Chief Officers at the City of Amesbury Fire Department, working in that position until her retirement 14 years later.

Over the years, Karen has donated her time teaching First Aid & CPR classes for the Red Cross,. She is also a monthly supporter of the ASPCA & Hope for Paws.

Now, Karen serves as the emergency liaison to the It Takes a Village team offering support, backup and crisis management if the need arises. She is also certified in pet first aid/CPR and would like to pursue training as an instructor in the near future. At one time Karen’s household included four kids, five dogs, two cats and a bossy Guinea Pig named Gracie. Karen and Jon now enjoy life with their two Dachshunds Reilly and Brandi (aka crazy puppy) on their five acres in Barrington.

An interview with Karen:

  • Of all the books you have read over your lifetime, which one defines who you are today and why?

“I have read thousands of books, being an avid reader, but most of them are fictional as I read for entertainment. For me, books and movies are mini vacations. I have read books on Heaven and the Afterlife but those were more than 20 years ago after my Dad died, and while they helped me be more hopeful for reuniting with loved ones when I die, I can’t say that any of them define who I am today.”

  • What is your mantra?

“My mantra is ‘I can do this’. Repeating that got me through the labor and birth of both of my daughters, as well as difficult life experiences.”

  • If you could only have one last meal, and it could be anything you wanted, what would you choose?

“My last meal would be a surf & turf; a great piece of filet mignon and lobster tail with baked potato and asparagus, and a blond brownie covered in hot fudge for dessert!”

  • What do you love best about your work at It Takes a Village Pet Care?

“This is a hard one because there are quite a few things I love about this work: love the team I work with, absolutely love the pets I get to interact with-since I treat them all as if they were mine, it’s like having dozens of furbabies except I don’t have to pay for their food or checkups at the Vet!! I also love the challenge of assisting Traci with the office work and planning to grow the company.”

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Lori Jacobs
July 31, 2019 at 12:06 PM

Pretty sure the last meal may include Beef Jerky and Twizzlers as well


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