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January 2, 2019

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Need puppy care? We can help!

We see lots of puppy adoptions happen in the spring and fall as well as around the holidays. Raising a puppy is a lot of work but can be rewarding with the right help.

Since puppies have very special needs, the team at It Takes a Village Pet Care is trained to offer the extra assistance and guidance they need as they develop.

Our services include:

  • housebreaking and basic obedience training
  • positive reinforcement of training commands you are currently working on (i.e. sit, down, leave it, drop it, off, etc.)
  • redirecting of incorrect behavior
  • puppy play dates (exposure to other puppies in a safe and secure environment)
  • teaching how to walk properly on a leash

Establishing a routine for puppies right away ensures their safety and your peace of mind when it comes to house training. We recommend crate training 101, per the Humane Society of the U.S., and visits every 2-3 hours to establish a bathroom routine. As puppies grow, customers transition from 2 -3 visits per day to only one visit per day to allow time for stimulation and exercise.

On days that puppies cannot go outside and interact with their surroundings, we bring age appropriate games and activities to get their senses stimulated and their noses working.

We work with several well-known trainers in the area and can make a recommendation for training support based on your needs and budget.

For more information, schedule a complimentary meet and greet with our team to discuss your specific goals and create a Custom Care Plan.

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