Thank you for your interest in our Dog Walking Club which launched in 2019!

We were very excited to receive hundreds of responses from people throughout the communities we serve about our Dog Walking Club. The result is our Facebook Group where pet owners have come together to share their love of the great outdoors. 

Every month, we host a walk or hike for dog lovers. On each walk, we partner with an expert who speaks about a topic of interest to participants.

Topics may include:

  • Proper leash manners
  • Fitness and strengthening
  • Dog aggression/fear
  • Reactive behavior
  • Puppy basics
  • Senior wellness
  • At home care for pets while you are away
  • Daily dog walking service
  • Pet safety
  • Pet first aid/CPR
  • Health and wellness
  • Essential oils for pets
  • Herbal apothecary
  • Parasitic protection
  • Communicating with a pet that has passed
  • Pet massage
  • Pet acupuncture
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reiki
  • Pet Adoption
  • Permaculture

Thanks to you, we have collected information on hikes and walking trails in and around Barrington, Lee, Durham, Nottingham, Madbury, Northwood, Strafford, Dover, and Rochester. Each month consists of a new outdoor adventure for dog owners that ranges from easy to moderate outings, from one to several miles. Our goal is to offer a variety of options so that people young and old, and of all abilities, can join in the fun! We also plan to hold get-togethers for senior pets as well as puppy play groups in the warmer weather.

Join us!

There is no cost to join the Dog Walking Club and all expert talks are free. However, you won’t know when and where they are happening unless you join our Facebook Group where over 350 dog lovers are already gathered. We look forward to meeting you in the group and on the trails!



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