Farm Care

Quality care for your farm animals

Traveling and long weekend getaways can be hard to schedule when you own farm animals. Let us help with your farm care needs so you can relax when on vacation.

Don't own chickens but would like to start your own flock? We will meet with you at your home-farm to discuss your ideas and goals, and offer advice on the best way to begin.

Our services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, including major holidays (additional charge). Additional fees apply for services requested before 7am, after 9pm, and on weekends.

Customers who schedule three or more farm care visits in the same week, Monday-Friday, will earn a discounted rate. We also offer as needed pricing Monday-Friday and on weekends.

Farm care


Farm Management
starts at $40/hour
  • Our farm care team, lead by our farm manager, will meet with you to create a Custom Care Plan for your farm ensuring that all tasks are taken care of to your exact specifications.
Pet Taxi
$35/hour + mileage
  • If your small farm animal is sick and needs to see the vet, we offer a pet taxi service to and from the vet as needed. Additional fee for weekends and before 7am/after 9pm.
On-Site Vet Visits
starts at $40/hour
  • If your vet is mobile and will visit your home-farm, we can stay onsite to meet and relay critical information as needed. Additional fee for weekends and before 7am/after 9pm.
Chicken Advice
starts at $40/hour
  • Want to raise chickens and start your own flock but not sure where to start? We will provide ideas for your home-farm setup. Offered Monday-Friday, additional fee for weekends.

Custom Care Plan

During our first farm visit, we meet with you and your farm animals, learn about your routine and care needs, answer questions, and complete a Custom Care Plan and service contract with detailed farm care instructions.

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Complimentary Services

  • Collect mail/newspaper/packages on deck or porch
  • Put out/bring in garbage cans/recycle bins
  • Detailed farm care visit update and report card with pictures (when available) uploaded to private chat section of our customer portal

Ready to schedule a Meet & Greet?

We want to meet with you and your pets to learn about their routine, their likes and dislikes, any special needs and show you how we can offer the best care possible while you are at work or on vacation.