Pet Supply Library

We need your donations!

In an effort to reuse, reduce and recycle, we will be launching our Pet Supply Library in 2020. The Library will consist of pet supplies that have been donated or purchased, including:

  • toys and games
  • feeding supplies
  • leashes
  • harnesses
  • grooming supplies
  • dog crates
  • dog training supplies
  • books
  • pet beds, mats and blankets
  • puppy supplies
  • senior pet supplies
  • and much more…
Cat playing with toys

You can help us build our inventory by donating gently used items that are no longer used or needed.

Please contact us for more information or to make a donation. Your generosity is appreciated and your items will be put to good use. If we cannot use an item you donate, we will offer to Pope Memorial Humane Society, Mary's Dogs or another deserving pet rescue.

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