Vacation Pet Sitting

Professional care for your pets at home

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are only taking on daily dog walking and cat sitting clients (updated 8/29/2020).

If you’re going on vacation, deciding to visit the mountains or ocean should be your hardest decision, not what to do about your beloved pets. Vacations need to be focused on rest and relaxation. It Takes a Village Pet Care will give you peace of mind with our worry-free vacation pet sitting services available for dogs, cats and other small animals. Our professional pet sitting team will ensure that your pets are well cared for per your exact specifications.

Prior to you vacation, our Pet Care Manager will meet with you and your furry friend(s) to discuss your needs and create a Custom Care Plan (CCP). A CCP is customized to your pet's specific needs and schedule. After answering a series of questions and discussing your pet care goals, we will develop a plan to help guide you and our team in caring for your pet(s). You will receive updates after each visit, through our secure customer online portal, including pictures of your pet’s staycation.

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Puppies & Kittens, Senior & Special Needs Pets

Is this the first time your dog or cat has been home alone for an extended period of time? Perhaps your pet is older or has some unique needs that need extra attention. It Takes a Village Pet Care offers additional services to help all pets feel safe and secure at home, including overnight and extended day visits.

These services are offered in the following communities: Barrington, Lee, Durham, Madbury, Nottingham, Dover, Gonic, Rochester, Northwood, and Strafford.

A complete range of vacation pet sitting services

At-Home Pet Sitting
starts at $28/visit
  • If your pet cannot travel with you, then the next best place is in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Our professional pet sitters will visit your pet(s) throughout the day, helping them to stay as close to their normal routine as possible, including potty breaks, feedings, fresh water, playtime, dog walks, cuddles/snuggling, administering medications, and more!
Extended Visits
request estimate
  • This service is perfect for puppies and kittens, senior and special needs pets or pets alone for the first time who need more specialized care. A professional pet sitter will stay at your house throughout the day and only come and go to visit other clients as needed. Please tell us more about your pet’s specific needs when contacting us about this service so we can quote accordingly.
Pet Taxi
$35/hour + mileage
  • We would be happy to taxi your pet to the groomers, doggy daycare, vet office or other location as needed while on vacation. Need us to pick up some pet food or run other errands where pets are allowed? We will take them with us for an outing and run your pet-related errands at the same time. Pets ride safely and securely in well-equipped vehicles.
Hospice Care
request estimate
  • End of life care for aging and special needs pets is often difficult for pet owners. When you can’t be there, let our professional pet sitting team offer the love, care and companionship needed until you are able to be with your beloved pet again. We will be in direct contact with your vet as needed to ensure your pet is kept comfortable as well as stress and pain-free.

Senior and Special Needs Pets

Senior pets have a wonderful and loving disposition. When pets get older, they need extra care and sometimes have special needs. If you have a senior or special needs pet and need assistance with their care so that you can enjoy time away with your human family, we can help. We will work with you to create a Custom Care Plan for your special needs/senior pet to assure their comfort and well-being while you are away.

Additional services we offer for senior/special needs pets include:

  • Administering insulin shots for diabetic pets
  • Administering subcutaneous injections and fluids
  • Pilling or giving liquid in a syringe
  • Applying creams
  • Helping pets safely move around in their environment (i.e. use of lift harness)
  • Assistance with urinating/defecating
  • Providing nutritional and hydration support
  • Assisting with end of life care/needs

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Complimentary Services

available upon request

  • Clean up of vomit/hair balls/pet waste
  • Scoop litter boxes/dog poop pick up
  • Collect mail/newspaper/packages on deck or porch
  • Water up to 5 house plants
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Adjust temperature
  • Close/open curtains/blinds/drapes
  • Put down pet safe ice melt on icy stairs/walk ways
  • Wash pet food bowls/water dishes
  • Empty dehumidifier
  • Put out/bring in garbage cans/recycle bins
  • Detailed pet care visit update and report card with pictures (when available) uploaded to private chat section of our customer portal

Ready to schedule a virtual Meet & Greet?

We meet with you and your pets in our virtual meeting room to learn about their routine, likes and dislikes, and any special needs.
After, your primary pet care provider will meet with you in person and review safety protocols.
Learn how we offer the best care possible while you are at work or on vacation.

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