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July 7, 2018

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Popular dog chews that are dangerous for dogs

This morning, my team member who handles overnight pet sitting visits for us informed me that she had to extract a chew from the mouth of the dog she was caring for. The dog had gotten a small, left over piece of the chew lodged in the roof of his mouth. He was salivating excessively and licking his paw in an attempt to dislodge from his mouth. This article from Preventive Care discusses several different popular dog chews and why they are dangerous to dogs.

We have a policy of never leaving pets unsupervised with chew toys of any kind. Our one exception, is a properly sized Kong classic dog toy. In this case however, a friend was caring for the dog during the day and may have left the dog with a chew treat or one may have been lying around the house. We stress continuity of care. Having one person/company responsible for the care and well being of a pet while the owner is on vacation assures the best possible care. Fortunately, the dog was fine and eventually may have softened the chew enough to swallow, but he was in distress in the interim.

This instance reminded me of another pet care example where I was caring for dogs while the pet owner was on vacation. Her son was also helping with the dogs while she was away. He was doing some light construction in the house and had left several pieces of wood and shards on the floor. The scattered pieces I found the next day looked like confetti all over the room. There were wood pieces everywhere – in their bedding, water bowl, among their toys, etc. According to Preventive Vet, sticks/wood often lead to distressing and devastating puncture wounds of the mouth, eyes, abdomen, and even the heart. Fortunately, there were no instances that occurred, but the dogs certainly left a mess to clean up.

Our team is trained to engage and redirect your dog or cat if we see them using or chewing on a toy that is not appropriate. And when it comes to chewing toys, your dog is always being supervised while under our care. If you have to crate your dog during the day, we recommend a properly sized Kong classic dog toy. Kong toys offer chewing stimulation and interactivity. According to Consumer Affairs, the Colorado-based company, which manufactures the well-know red rubber toys for dogs, said its products are made with FDA-approved materials and routinely tested for product safety. All but three of the company’s pet toys — Air KONG (tennis ball toys), KONG Plush, and KONG Wubba — are made in Golden, Colorado.

Here is a great recipe to try inside the Kong. With any toy or new food recipe however, please always consult your veterinarian to receive the best recommendation for your pet.

What are your thoughts about the dangers of dog chews? Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

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February 24, 2021 at 6:51 PM

My great Dane almost lost her lower jaw and tongue from getting peanut butter out of a kong toy


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